Personal Statement of my art project (2017-2018).
<California Hamburger: A Day in the Life>
14:50...California Hamburger

It is now 14:50. I've just finished a cup of tea. Sitting alone in my studio, I immersed myself in my thoughts with the song Hotel California playing along. I need a framework - I know clearer than anyone else at this stage what the strengths and weaknesses of my works are - I need a framework just like a novelist needs a title and a structure to turn his texts into chapters. I need a framework to connect all the dots so that ideas would not appear too meaty and chaotic. It is such process of structuration that allows readers to transform Lin Daiyu's pure grumblings to what they read as a Dream of Jiabaoyu (Dream of the Red Chamber). However, rather than like a delicate dream, life is sometimes all about grumblings, isn't it? At this moment, there is no one else in this room and my emotional status would not be detected. I quite enjoyed such momentary solitary.

The whole series of work <California Hamburger: A Day in the Life> originated from this single work. I was listening to Hotel California and dreaming about California Hamburger in London.

My life is like a magnet and always full of stories,like you.

Margnet sucks different objects and oranges are not oranges anymore.

Suck me and I will become bigger.

Note: Dream of the Red Chamber is a masterpiece of Chinese classical literature. Jia Baoyu and Lin Daiyu are the male and female characters in the novel. I use Dream of the Red Chamber as a metaphor for magnificent artworks while Lin Daiyu's grumblings for superficial artworks. In the title, 'hamburger' is a symbol of the fast food culture, together with which this series directs its satire to the art industry in the age of consumerism. Here, the song 'Hotel California' suggests the impacts have been made by my living conditions and emotions. Hence, naming it as 'A Day in Life' is to indicate that the complexity of information and emotions manifested in this work is what people in reality are facing on a daily basis.


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