a Curriculum Vitae(CV):

YUTING CAI is an artist-curator in both China and UK; He is not only focus on organizing some interesting and critical exhibitions but also creating some artwork about identity、power and politics.

On the other hand, YUTING CAI has already been considering a brilliant critical writer in China. He has published nine academic articles in the different famous Chinese magazines in the recent two years.

Now, he is studying in the printing department of Royal College of Art London (Master degree, 2016-2018)and finished curatorial course in curators school in Venice, Italy(2017).

From 2012 to 2016, he studied painting in Nanjing University of arts (BA degree) and studied in fine art department in Birmingham City university in 2016(exchange program).

Recent published academic articles (2015-2017):

(1). Documenta 14 in Athens: Innocence is a mistake, do you understand?(Art China 2017. 5)
(2). Future of contemporary art: ending and remodeling of social criticism. (Scope 021 12/1)
(3). London: performance art in internet era.   (ArtChina 2017.2)
(4). For example: ANISH KAPOOR.  (Art China 2017. 5)
(5). Re-definition of the contemporary art in the end of 20th century. (Artworm 2017)
(6). Post- 90th and my choice. (Artscape 2016 5/6)
(7). We have to criticize: Hypocritical discussions of western and eastern culture. (Artscape 2016 1/2)
(8). The supposition: painting is changing at this moment, right? (ArtChina 2016.3/4)
(9). From education: the emotion of painting
(Artscape 2015.11/12)

Recent joined exhibitions (2017):
(1). Attitude, (Chun Art Museum, Shanghai, 2017)
(2). Freshly Squeezed, (CGP Gallery, London, 2017).
(3). The Moon in the Mirror, (Aintree Hospital, Liverpool, 2017)
(4). Politickle action, (Studio RCA, London, 2017)



        (艺术客 021期 12/1月刊)
        (艺术汇2016 5/6 月刊)
        ( 艺术虫2017年4月刊)
       (艺术汇2016 1/2 月刊)
       (艺术当代 2016.3/4 月刊)
        (艺术汇 2015.11/12 月刊)


(1). Politickle action, (Studio RCA艺术空间, 伦敦, 2017)
(2). The Moon in the Mirror,
      (Aintree Hospital艺术空间, 利物浦, 2017)
(3). Freshly Squeezed, (CGP 艺术空间, 伦敦, 2017)
(4). 态度——中德艺术家交流展, (春美术馆,上海, 2017)